Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance [TADA] group is pleased to announce a news portal called the . You might wonder why the need for another news portal? Well, we happen to believe that there have been misrepresentations/disinformation galore about the history of the Ottoman Empire in general, and in particular about the Turkish-Armenian relations. There have been some very specific misrepresentations which we intend to bring out and delve into both sides of the stories. We hope the reader will also engage in a discussion of the topics at hand.

For example, certain Armenian groups, such as ANCA1 claim that there was such a thing as the so-called “Armenian Genocide” in reference to the events that took place during the First World War in the Anatolian land of the then Ottoman Empire which is now the present Republic of Turkey. And yet according to Bernard Lewis, a renowned Princeton scholar historian of Ottoman history, “genocide” allegations constitute only “the Armenian version of history.” Another claim, among several others as some Armenian groups claim, that 1.5 million Armenians were killed during those horrible times. Now, there have been enormous amount of papers written about these claims and others. Another scholar historian Bruce Fein has put it succinctly this way2:

To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and the number of Armenians who are claimed by Armenians and their echo chambers to have died in an alleged World War I genocide. Almost a century later, the number of deaths they assert oscillates between 1.5-2 million. But the best contemporary estimates by Armenians or their sympathizers were 300,000-750,000 (compared with 2.4 million Ottoman Muslim deaths in Anatolia). Further, not a single one of those deaths necessarily falls within the definition of genocide in the authoritative Genocide Convention of 1948. It requires proof that the accused was responsible for the physical destruction of a group in whole or in substantial part specifically because of their race, nationality, religion, or ethnicity. A political or military motivation for a death falls outside the definition.”

In fact, some Armenian quarters wouldn’t even want the 1915 events discussed in public. They essentially would want to declare a gag order to the world saying that “it is a done deal” and “no need to discuss further whether there was a ‘genocide’ or not.” And yet, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg, France ruled in the Perinçek vs. Switzerland case3 that the claim of “Armenian Genocide” was not fact-based and therefore was debatable in the marketplace. (ECtHR) further reiterated as late as January of 2019 that “genocide” is a legal concept which is not in the purview of the politicians or legislatures4. Hence, to call it genocide anyway would be defrauding the unsuspecting public that there is somehow a genocide verdict when we all know there was not. Finally, yes there were Armenians killed during those terrible times, but so were as many or more Turks and Kurds killed at the hand of the back-stabbing Ottoman Armenians when they colluded with the Russians on the eastern front while the Ottomans were engaged in an existential fight both on the eastern and western fronts. And yet, they have not stopped murdering Turks even in recent times of 1980’s when they brutally killed 42 diplomats and their families around the world just because they were Turks. Historians have told us that Armenians were killed not because they were Armenians but because of what they had done to their comrades in arms, namely the Ottoman Turks. Nor were they relocated from around the battle fields because they were Armenians, but because of literally back-stabbing in the trenches of their comrades in arms fighting the Russians, and also threatening their own folks to sabotage the villages behind the lines.

In short, we feel it is high time for the world to learn about these dastardly acts and come to their own conclusions as to whether there was “genocide” or not. As C. F. Dixon, British author of the 1916 book, “The Armenians,” appalled over the deceitful practices of his book’s subject said;

Give a lie twenty-four hours start, and it will take a hundred years to overtake it.”

Well, it has been more than a century now. Let us expose these fabrications to the fullest extent possible. Our motto is:


1 Armenian National Committee of America was founded as ACIA in 1918 and was renamed as ANCA in
1941. Wikipedia

2 Bruce Fine, Constitutional Lawyer, Huff Post, 07/05/2009

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