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Critique of statement by president Joe Biden on Armenian remembrance day (APRIL 24, 2021)

President Joe Biden’s statement is predictably riddled with errors and misleading omissions in addressing Armenian genocide allegations. Mr. Biden is an untrained amateur in the law of genocide and the circumstances of World War I deaths which were suffered by Ottoman Armenians and Ottoman Turks in the same proportion. 1 ...
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To Biden Administration

Contrary to President Joe Biden and politicians unschooled in the law of genocide, renowned historians dispute Armenian genocide allegations, including Bernard Lewis of Princeton University, Gunter Lewy of the University of Massachusetts, Stanford Shaw of UCLA, and Justin McCarthy of the University of Louisville.    The European Court of Human ...
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THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. FACTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN PROPAGANDA! Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance [TADA] group is pleased to announce a news portal called the . You might wonder why the need for another news portal? Well, we happen to believe that there have been misrepresentations/disinformation galore about ...
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