We are corresponding with you today to help you avoid making a serious mistake and causing irreparable damages to our communities. As such, we would like to invite you to work together with us to protect and preserve the peace in the entire society.

The movie “Smyrna” which you are in the process of distributing is not a new one in the line of international war agenda in an attempt to create prejudiced minds in the world’s population for political purposes. We can clearly see that the cold war against the Turks is at its full speed and is continuing with the sponsorship of the same Entente powers.

Historical facts:

Between 1919 and 1922 Greeks and Armenians were ecstatic when the British controlled proxy Greek army invaded Turkish land and captured the western and northwestern areas of Anatolia. However, by September 09, 1922, the invasion forces of the Greek army were successfully pushed out of Anatolia by the liberating Turkish Armies.

On September 10, 1922, the British Admiral on behalf of Britain asked for special protection and immunity for the Greeks and Armenians in Turkey so as not to be tried for war crimes in the courts.

The Turks refused to give special immunity to anyone and replied….”All citizens are equal under the law, if you want you can place those who wish to leave on to your ships and take them to Greece”. The British war ships were given limited time to undock from the Smyrna port.

That day the British started boarding the Greeks and Armenians. By the end of the 3rd day local Greek and Armenian gangs were messaging to their contacts so as to initiate the torching of houses and other edifices, since they knew they were not returning back again.

Documented witness records:

Mark O. Prentiss, was an American engineer and business man, who was in Smyrna when the city fell, who watched it burn from the deck of the American destroyer U.S.S. Litchfield, and who organized the work of evacuating the refugees. As Prentiss stated in his three part series (November 1923 – January 1924) in The Atlantic magazine, “The Armenians and Greeks tremendously hindered the efforts of the Smyrna Fire Chief and the few firemen remaining to extinguish the raging fires by cutting their hoses and shooting at them yelling that they’d rather burn than allow the Turks to take them or to have the city”

Please bear in mind that only the retreating and defeated destroys because the victorious army would never burn its own land. A scorched earth policy is the final attempt to destroy the lost land of the defeated. This was the desperate last ditch attempt by the Greek and Armenians (via the directives of the British).

Your movie is attempting to rewrite history. This is an act of committing a forgery of reality.

By your actions, you may at the end increase the hatred against Turks however the documented history, scientific evidence and international recorded communications, laws and treaties will always tell the truth. Only a prejudiced audience will enjoy an unwarranted propaganda movie.

Please do not participate in this misinformation campaign. The implications can be detrimental to society and would only harm your reputation and the morale of the public.

Legal consequences:

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of national origin in programs and activities (this includes schools and colleges). Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in work environments, on the basis of national origin.

We shall not hesitate to exercise our legal rights to protect all Turkish Americans, as well as peace in the USA and in the world against any and all hostile environments due to any misinformation.

If your movie causes any hate crimes to be committed or create a hostile environment online or in schools or at workplaces or in public and/or private places against Turkish Americans based on their national origin you, from a legal standpoint, may be responsible as the perpetrator or inciter or promoter and creator of the hostile atmosphere via media misinformation. You are taking a great risk of knowingly committing criminal activity.

We advise you to take corrective action and reconsider before you continue distributing or supporting this movie. In case the movie becomes a cause of national origin based discrimination against Turkish Americans, we will pursue all legal avenues of redress comprehensively and with utmost determination to protect the constitutional rights of all Turkish Americans.